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Simplified Weight Loss

  • The #1 paid Diet and Nutrition app for Windows Phone 7 now offered FREE!!! Developed in cooperation with a professional trainer, Eat Burn Learn allows you to understand, define and track your daily calorie consumption and burn to help you achieve weight loss, gain, or maintenance goals. It features a unique and always-visible "CalorieBar" display that provides a visual representation of your daily calorie balance as well as an instant and daily calorie target. The instant calorie target encourages small, frequent meal eating behavior which, in turn, helps avoid uncontrolled binging or major hunger episodes so common when managing weight. As a way to learn about your health, this app also includes calculations for several health related metrics such as BMI, heart rate zones, body fat, etc. It also features automatic memorization of entries, just-in-time popup selection, calorie lookup, and an integrated calorie burn calculator! Let's face it: Tracking calories is the only method of dieting that truly works -- just ask any health professional. I had tried others in my life, but in the end using a technique very similar to what app provides enabled me to lose 60 pounds in 8 months and to keep it off for 5 years running! This app would have made it much easier and so, I'm not just the author, I'm also an active customer! Download this free version and peruse through the comprehensive help screens for all the details! Check out the paid version to remove ads, support 6 months of calorie tracking, email your food log and take easy advantage of future features! See for all the details! Version 1.8 ----------- - Allow disabling of # as in application settings - Fix: Adjust vo2Max-based calorie burn calculation - Fix: Better handling and description of Bed Time setting. - Fix: Allow optional settings to be cleared - Fix: Don't clear calories if entered before item description - Fix: Make sure edited log entries stay in "today"
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