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  • YOUR NUTRITION MATTERS FOR BLOODTYPE A BASIC PRO . Are you among millions of people around the world who tried every diet but did not get the expected results? Are you struggling to lose fat? Are you interested in improving your overall health? Or are you on a doctor's prescribed diet? Or are you even trying to shape up your body and gain lean muscle? Gathering all the nutrition facts needed to achieve your goals is boring and time-consuming hard work. You deserve better! With this sophisticated database of over 600 foods you get all the nutrition facts needed instantly, no matter you are compiling your shopping list, shopping in the grocery, preparing your meal at home, you are in a restaurant or even in vacation or on a business trip far away from home. Because Your Nutrition Matters every day from morning to night, with this Smart Eating Guide you have all the food facts needed always with you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, the information added in "Basic Version PRO" tell you whether a specific food is beneficial (indicated green), neutral (yellow), or to avoid (red) for your blood type. In addition to the "Basic Version PRO", the "Secretor Version" implements the Secretor System for every single food in your app. Your secretor status is based on your genetics, is independent of your blood type, and is determined by an easy-to-do salvia test. The result of that test tells you whether you are a Secretor (indicated with "s" in the app) or a Non-Secretor (indicated with "n"). Statistics show that about 80 percent of the US population are Secretors. With this tool you can make better choices when it comes to pick the right food to improve your health and supercharge your metabolism. Like in the "Basic Version PRO", beneficial foods are marked green, neutral foods yellow, and to avoid foods red. And the best part is that you will be impressed how easy this Smart Eating Guide is to get all the nutrition facts you need.
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