Mobile First Aid

First Aid meets Mobile

  • According to a recent study (Gray, 2008) there are abount 1.8 mobile phones per person around the world. Since everyone of us can find himself in the need to give some first aid assistance to someone injured, it is simple to merge these two data and say "why don't give these people a first aid application to be installed on their mobile phones." Nothing particularly new here, but if you give it a further and deeper look, you will find Mobile First Aid to be not the ordinary list of TODO's in case of emergency or just a simple book you can scroll through. Mobile First Aid is developed to give anyone the tools and knowledge to perform the right thing, no matter what are your skills. Features: * Easy to use and no medical skills required * Basic Life Support (BLS) algorithm compliant with European Resuscitation Council guidelines * User localization with street address (where available) * Built-int First Aid manual * 100% Free What's new: v. 1.2: * Fixed down arrow's wrong label in "Breathing" section of BLS page. * Added 111 and 999 emergency numbers * Fixed misspellings errors in english version * Removed unused resources v. 1.1: * Fixed some bugs * Improved application response
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Great important app . Please other Languages too !!!
2011-07-15 01:24 Spieler33795748
Nice app. But 1. You need to change the button on bls-sequence breathing page. You put there two "no"- buttons. And 2. It needs some speed improvements. 3. There are some translation errors. I think some words are in Italian or whatever that language is..
2011-05-22 08:14 AbtinRad
Great Idea. While there is room for improvement, it is good that someone took up this task. Musthave.
2011-05-22 14:14 VGAlchemist
This is a great start for a must have app and it's free :-) Localization in other major languages would be good.
2011-05-24 08:02 Spieler67951463
Mobile First Aid - Mit : 10 - Max : 10 - Basierend auf 4 Stimmen und 4 Bewertungen.