feeling good? why?

  • Myfeelings is an app to help you record and track your emotions. This can be useful to anyone for a number of reasons. Simply being aware of how you feel can help you live a happiness and healthier life. But whatever your reason, this app provides you with a simple intuitive interface to record your emotions. All you emotions are available online at in an easy to understand format. Most importantly, Myfeelings is designed to help you document your emotions without being invasive. You can set up notifications to be reminded or record when you feel like it. Simple launch the app; pick the most relevant emotions; Record a message why you feel that way; And you’re done. Any time you want you can access all of your recordings online. Version 1.1 Update: - bug fixes that keep app from launching on some phone - correction to date and time information - minor performance and other minor bug fixes Keep in mind that we want everyone to enjoy this app. If you are having issues with installing and/or using this app, please email us for support at [email protected] We know it is frustrating when things do not work as they should, but please before you rate the app negatively, try contacting us. We are more than happy to help you resolve your issue, and it might help us see problems we didn't before. Enjoy, and please feel free to send feedback. Improvements are based on your comments.
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Ich find´s ganz nett.
2011-05-20 16:49 turbodiesel11
Please in German. Bitte auf deutsch
2011-07-01 10:09 JTB 89
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