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What tattoo should I get?

  • Want to get a tattoo? Don't know exactly which tattoo to get or where to place it? Use Tattoo Tester to find out which tattoo is perfect for you. Take a photo of yourself (or snap a new one), choose a tattoo and place it on your body. Using your fingers, you can then rotate, enlarge, or shrink the tattoo until it looks just right. Features: • 166 tattoos included grouped in categories: Tribal's, Color, Animals, Signs, Asian, Flowers, Cartoons, Flags and Others • Add multiple tattoos using 'add another tattoo' • Design your own tattoo and import it into the app. Select a picture with a white or transparent background and use it as your custom tattoo • Save your picture so you can share it with friends Tattoo Tester can potentially save you a lifetime of embarrassment (or a painful removal procedure).
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Tattoo Tester - Mit : 9 - Max : 10 - Basierend auf 3 Stimmen und 3 Bewertungen.