Due Dates

  • Developed by Seif Ibrahim All of us have many important days in our life as birthdays, events, meetings, special days and more… We admit that it is very difficult to remember all these days all the time. So, here is what Due Dates app comes to do - it will help you remember all those dates. You just need to enter your dates and the app will save these dates for you and display your dates with a countdown of days to the left - so you won't forget your wedding date, or your wife's birthday; you even can tell your wife how many days left for her next birthday... With Due Dates you can... * View your dates in different 4 views: Soon, Future, Past and All. * You can add any comments to your dates. * You can also add occurrence dates and the app will keep tracking and updating them accordingly. * You can also share your dates via Facebook, Twitter, email and even by SMS with a feature to update the shared message before sending it. - this app will need to use your internet data connection/Wi-Fi in order to share your dates in Facebook, Twitter and email. What will be next, in the next version? * Live tiles. * Notifications & Alarms. * and more surprises. Please don't forget to Rate the app and don't hesitate to contact us regarding any issue you may have, or any feedback you may want to tell us or even any idea of improvement you may want to suggest... We are here for you :).. Version 1.1: - Now you can try it before buying it (Trial).
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