Voice Recorder 2

Digital Voice Recorder

  • Note: This version of Voice Recorder adds the ability to create your own custom aliases for naming future recordings that you create. You can now also filter the recordings list based on an alias so as to quickly find a specific recording or a group of recordings with the same alias. This version also includes some cool features to help optimize your recording and battery life. Firstly, we now introduce the ability to “dim lights while recording. This feature clears the screen of all UI elements and reduces the processing footprint to as little as possible (no visualizations will be run) thus reducing the amount of battery life you consume while recording. The screen lights are also dimmed to that less power is used while running. Finally we introduce Screen Flip ™. Screen Flip ™ will rotate your screen orientation such that with normal usage of the application your device microphone (which I usually located at the bottom of the phone) will now be at the top of the phone (because the phone is upside down). Having the mic close to the point or recording further improves record quality, and puts your device when running xochl voice recorder in parity with a standard digital voice recording device. This version also adds various architectural changes to help improve reliability. These changes include modification of the underlying manner in which we store recordings. You will need to re-apply any settings you may have in place at the moment (including reconnecting to any Sync Servers) due to these stability changes. Voice Recorder will transform your Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged sound recording tool. It supports: In place lossless trimming, conversion of recording to wav format, in-place lossless trimming, syncing to your computer over USB using SyncServer (http://www.xochl.com), support for multi-tasking, appending and prepending recordings, integration with the Music+Video hub, and many more features!
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