Dress Pal

Remember your dress!

  • Have you worn the same dress to some parties, business meetings or on dates again and again? Wouldn't it be nice to have an app that tracks the dress you wore so you don't repeat it. Dress Pal is a quick and easy way to remember your dress. You can catalog your wardrobe easily by snapping some pictures. So, the next time you are in the mall, you can buy that perfect top/shirt that matches the picture of the jeans you already have. This version allows you to Get Social by sharing your dress on facebook and get the comments of your close friends before wearing the dress for that special date, party or business meeting. Features ---------- 1) Build your wardrobe by storing each dress item with its photo, description and category. Your wardrobe is personalized based on gender. 2) Remember your dress by a particular date, event and the person you are meeting. 3) Mark a dress item as favorite. 4) Search for dress items or dress by date, event or description. 5) Share your dress items directly on your facebook wall. Get Started today for free! Remember your dress! version 1.2 ------------- - Personalize your wardrobe now based on gender version 1.1 ----------------- - Easily share dress photos on facebook - Improved photo vertical/horizontal orientation
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  • Pratik Kothari
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