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  • Voice Recorder will transform your Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged sound recording tool. It supports: FULL FEATURE SET - Recording any number of notes (sounds/your voice music) of arbitrary length CONVERSION - Conversion of sounds into wav files so they can be easily consumed in other applications IN PLACE LOSSLESS TRIMMING of recordings so you get the note or song just right SHARING -Sharing recordings with your phone contacts or arbitrary email addresses USABILITY - Deep integration into the windows phone theme which allows you to get in, get it done, and get out without navigating through weird animations and unnecessary stylizations that might otherwise confuse and infuriate you METADATA - Ability to apply name *and* descriptions to any recording you make, with this comes a set of prepopulated aliases that you can use (so if you are storing a recording as a podcast for instance) you will not need to continually type in recording name for each new podcast entry you make. FULL EDIT AND CONTINUE which seamlessly integrates with windows phone 7 multi-tasking This version asks CONTINUOUS RECORDING - When the phone goes idle most recording applications stop, Voice Recorder is the first to support running under the lock screen so you can record longer messages. SETTINGS PAGE - you can now configure how you want to be notified (no more message prompts and vibration) BACKGROUND EMAIL SENDING - emails will be sent while you continue to work and record APPENDING AND PREPENDING RECORDINGS TO EACH OTHER - you can now combine recordings, bringing you closer to a full mobile sound recording and editing tool PRO FEAUTURES WIRELESS SYNC TO PC – Using Xochl SyncServer you can sync your recording to any PC (download here: http://www.xochl.com) HANDLE LARGE RECORDINGS – You can now record for extended lengths without having to worry about file sizes.
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