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This chess knight game is like a chess game, with only one knight need to fill all the blocks with knight steps only.... Play & Win the game more

By Vinodh Kumar


FreeMind Reading Game

This game will read your mind! To play, follow the instructions carefully from the beginning, and click NEXT after each step and enjoy the game…… more

By Priya Jain



Tom is the owner of small house, around a large garden. Unfortunately there are a bunch of zombies living nearby, they often want to close the garden and eat Tom. To fights back the zombies, Tom decided planting the fairy trees can kill zombies.... more

By vodailuong


Cupid Bow

The application is a game called Cupid Bow that a man meet a woman in the forest,they hit each other to known who will win love heart. more

By 无(Mystic)



The Hunt Safari is designed to improve the concentration levels and also makes you more attentive. How To Play 1. Select the Easy / Medium / Hard 2. Click on the animal to get points. Easy - 1 Time Medium - 3... more




The game is all about to feed your snake.how much your snake eats it increases in its height and more you score..but if your snake touch the fence u will loose..play and enjoy more

By bhawna tripathy


FreeИзгубен в Космоса

Lost in Space is a funny and an addictive new accelerometer game. You play the role of a lost somewhere between the stars astronaut. The main enemies are the flying around asteroids. There are a various of weapons and bonuses at your assistance in... more

By TU Sofia



In this game there will be two very similar pictures, and you will need to find differences in the 2 pictures.To play the game, you simply need to find the differences between both the images. Once you believe you have found one, click the spot,... more

By Ruthra Devi G


Gold exploration

in this game , you need to control the phone and touch panel to make player get all gold and arrived the end. more

By 无(Mystic)



An old most memorable game of every child in their school life. TIC_TAC_TOE hint to win: make a line in any direction. Each player and the phone will get one chance to perform, to win finish first. more

By manish kumar