Abenteuer und Action



“Oh no! Salt marsh!” These are the last words of many snails as they make a wrong turn and melt into unrecognizable goo. Now is your chance to save the snails. Remove the salt from their path. Get extra points for sweeping it into the trash.... more

By Gold Coast Games


Cloud Jumper

Jump from cloud to cloud and see how high you can go! Watch out for the clouds that disappear! Version 1.1 fixes a few minor issues. more

By Adam Nathan


Sky War

Sky Wars is a frantic shoot'em up game where all the action happens through the sky. Your mission is to fly and pass over the enemies, destroy as much as you can, until you reach the final boss at level 10. During your way you will face different... more

By João Paiva


FreeBomb Defuser

Bomb defuser is a fast-paced reaction game where you have to defuse the red glowing bombs by touching them. It is ideal for short breaks. more

By Sprakelsoft



Guide your ragdoll through an endless sky of balloons, avoiding enemies along the way in this addictive physics based game. Tilt your phone to change gravity and swing. Grab power-ups like the shield and ninja stars. Choose from many different... more

By Spritehand LLC


The Hand of Bob

"The Hand of Bob - Herbert among friends" is a First Person Monster game where your hand destroys everything that happens to come its way! Run the streets of a grand metropolitan city with your own hand and ravage the city with the sweeps of... more

By Kajak Games



AstroFrog is a fun and addictive platform game where you must help a frog jump as high in the sky as you can. Control the frog by tilting your phone to the left or to the right. Catch several bonuses, including low gravity, safety nets, and ghost... more

By Flavien Charlon



A heavy rain has flooded the pasture and created a deep ravine that the cows need to cross to get home. Help them back to the barn by bouncing them from one cliff to the other. As the game progresses the cows start jumping off the cliff faster and... more

By Sputnik Games


Rocket Riot™

Strap on your bazooka soldier, and get ready for the new and improved mobile version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot™. In this highly stylized eight-bit era style game, blast your way through the environment against... more

By Microsoft Game Studios


Twin Blades : The Reaping Vanguard ™

Twin Blades ist ein atemberaubendes Shooter-Game in mittelalterlichem Dekor mit einzigartigen Grafiken im Mangastil. Helfen Sie der Nonne bei ihrem Kampf gegen das Böse - töten Sie Zombies in knallharten Actionszenen in unterschiedlichsten... more

By Microsoft Game Studios