Abenteuer und Action



Shift is an adventure puzzle platformer with literal twist to the game play mechanic. You are subject 32763, trapped in an experiment. Can you find your way out? Is the floor the roof? Is the roof the floor? And what's with that in game timer?... more

By Fishing Cactus


FreeWorm Hole

What kind of a space pilot are you? Can you navigate your ship safely through the worm hole as it speeds through space and time? Find out in this addictive arcade style spaceship game. Use your boost ability carefully to gather as many points as... more

By Awesomer Than Your Games


Crazy electrick shock

Move around the electric stick on different levels' maze, are you ready to get shock? Challenge your self and beat others! Your enemy is no one else but you! more

By G-fly Corporation


Blob Eat Blob

Enjoy 3 unique and fun game types. Eat or be eaten in Blob Eat Blob, cut blobs down to size in Bloboids, and defend your castle in Defend the Blobdom. Each game type on its own is a full featured and fun game but together they are too good to... more

By The Official Cause LLC


Happy Jump

Have you ever played classic iPhone games such as Doodle Jump or PapiJump? Happy Jump leaps ahead of its competitors by featuring new, refined controls, ridiculously addictive gameplay, and a zoomed-out camera system that makes breathtaking,... more

By Clay Schubiner



You Like Cats Don't You? Juggle The Cat in the Air and Protect It From Toxic Bin Bubbles for as Long as Possible. Fail and Cat Ends Up in Smelly Bin Water! Game Features Highscores, Unlockable Awards and 3 Different Game Modes. Generous Trial Mode... more

By BrettCawley


Whack a Ship

Protect the galaxy from the alien invasion, and test your tactical skills by identifying the best strategy and to survive as long as you can. The difficulty increases progressively: get better or die trying. Check your high scores, and see if your... more

By VSTeam


Santa's Christmas Chimney Chuck Challenge

Can you keep those children happy so that they all think you're the best Santa ever? Help guide Santa across the globe delivering presents in time for Christmas. Santa will need a good aim to deliver those presents quickly enough but watch out,... more

By Introspection Limited


Drum 'n' Space

Drum 'n' Space is a simple old school arcade game. Bash your ship around the screen to build up your shield while avoiding the asteroids. Deploy your shield and destroy as many asteroids as you can to score points. Smashing asteroids has never... more

By Bear Fist


Bubble Birds Premium

Bet you've already recognized what this is, right? Yes, a version of good old Bubble Shooter. Just remind you the classic rules: get as many points as you can by shooting away sets of three and more bubble birds of the same color. Also, the birds... more