Abenteuer und Action


Prof. Stone

Labyrinth Action auf dem Windows Phone. Hilf Prof. Stone alle Diamanten in den Höhlen zu sammeln. Doch hüte dich vor den Monstern, welche versuchen ihn davon abzuhalten! Spiele in über 30 verschiedenen Leveln und weiche verschiedenen Gegnern... more

By MaSta Software


Rebellion Rise

Jump into an adrenaline-filled journey through space as you try to recover your captured comrades and rebuild the rebellion against the Federation. Your skill, patience, and reflexes will be tested as you take part in battles against seemingly... more

By Amused Sloth


Pixel Man

The classic Xbox LIVE Indie platformer comes to Windows Phone! Jump your way through 30 levels as Pixel Man or Ms. Pixel Man in this retro-throwback platformer. The trial game allows you to play as either character through the first eight levels... more

By Nick Gravelyn


FreeSpace Dodge +

A wave of asteroids is ahead of you. Make your way through them to get to your destination. more

By Studio Lyrica


Angry Cannon

Shoot yourself with a cannon as far as you can! more

By Kajak Games


Bacteria Breakout

When a patient is suffering from an unknown disease the only correct way to deal with it is to cauterize the **** out of all germs! Bacteria Breakout is an original action game with slight puzzle elements where player's goal is to prevent... more

By Kajak Games



PAC-MAN, der weltberühmte Arcade-Klassiker, kehrt in dieser originalgetreuen Version für Windows Phone 7 zurück! Wer könnte die unzähligen Stunden vergessen, in denen man vor den fiesen Ghosts geflohen ist und dabei Punkte gefressen und... more

By Namco Bandai Games


Zombie Circus

See details for Update 1.3 after the description. Can you stop the zombie clown horde from taking over the circus? Non-stop ragdoll physics action awaits you as you battle the zombie infestation. Protect the tent by tossing and throwing the... more

By GlowPuff


Santa's Route

Embrace the holiday spirit. In this game, you get to be Santa and deliver presents to all the good children on Christmas Eve. While delivering presents, you must maneuver around obstacles, collect cookies and keep up the Christmas Spirit. more

By Square Particle Corp


Zombie Invasion 2

Fend off the zombie hordes using all of your weapons. Save your city by slaying zombies during the invasion. You can choose to play a campaign to save your city or fend off the swarm all at once. Use your sniper to help fight off the invasion.... more

By Jared B Drake