Abenteuer und Action



For all of you that have ever wanted to throw snowballs at President Obama, here is your chance! Have some fun with your fingers, throw snowballs at Obama in SnObama. more

By umnum


Free0MG! WHY D1D H3 MaK3 TH1$ GaM3!?!

This is THE ULTIMATE auto running platformer. This game will test your skills like no game before it. Quick reactions will lead to highscores and only the best will get to the end. Do you have what it takes? Time to find out... more

By ar-indie


FreeSpace God

Space God is FREE for a limited time only! -Get it while it's still available this winter! NOTE* : the previous update for Space God had a problem with different devices screen sizes, this is now fixed and should load the game... more

By Fussell Corporation


The Saddam Hussein Game

This is the classic Amiga platform game, digitally restored exclusively for Windows Phone 7! Your mission is to find Saddam Hussein and arrest him so that he can be tried for war crimes. You are armed with an M-16 assault rifle, six 30 round... more

By Dwagon


Alien Invasion Bounce Lite

Help Big Chef escape the planet Munchly, in this free preview to the upcoming Alien Invasion Bounce. This may look like your average jumping game, but with different platform types, upward and downward boosts, walls, multiple character types, and... more

By djayshaggy



Move your circle around the level and try not to get hit as more obstacles are continually added. Seven levels and online high scores offer lots of fun and challenges. The trial game allows unlimited play of the first two levels. Purchase the... more

By Nick Gravelyn


FreeSwipy Man

Join Swipy Man in his adventure to get to the next platform! This game is simple and addicting, good for free moments here and there. To get Swipy Man started swinging, just tap the screen. When he gets to the right part of his swing, tap the... more

By swipy_games


Daredevil Mouse Reloaded

Daredevil Mouse - Get ready for a 2D physics powder keg. Help our Daredevil Mouse friend as he attempts to make one death defying jump after another inside of his hamster ball. Trial 10 Boards Purchase 34 + Boards. (Additional levels in... more




Try as fast as possible to clean up the playfield, earn bonus time with speed combinations and discover all special items. How To Play Tap one of the buttons (blue, green, yellow, red) on the right side of the screen in the same color of the... more

By EntwicklerX


Land Of Simeria

[UPDATE 1.6] Increased Trial time limit from 2 minutes to 10 minutes due to requests HARK! ADVENTURERS! Discover a 3D world of danger and beauty in this hack-and-slash, role-playing adventure! The town of Mordhelm is in DANGER! -Unleash your... more

By Stormsong Entertainment