FreeMemory Madness

Practice your memory by repeating the pattern of colors. more

By Mario Josué



This Tic-Tac-Toe Games having two mode of Play: Single player and Multi Player more



FreeBrain Tuner Lite

Get your brain in shape with Brain Tuner. Like Brain Age, it takes less than a minute a day to tune your brain! "Very Addictive" "Lots of Fun!" Brain Tuner has been played by over 3 million iOS and Android users. This is Greengar's 1st... more

By Greengar Studios



Play with blocks. more

By Divyansh singh



physics Blocks and eclips. Create and destroy. more

By Divyansh singh


Super Math Adventure

Practice different types of math including addition, subtraction, and multiplication. While taking a walk across his farm, Mr Moomoo was surprised to find that he was being attacked by aliens. As luck would have it, he found that using math... more

By Jowli Studios



Can you name all 150 pokemon? How about all 50 state capitals? NameIt! will challenge you to do these things as quickly as your fingers can tap the answers. -Over 40 lists to challenge your knowledge. -Built in facts, so you can learn as you... more

By GeekWorks


Up 2 100

Up to 100 is an educational math game in which two or more players take turns adding numbers to the current number until the current number reaches 100 or more. The last player who added a number to the current number before it reached 100 loses.... more

By bono_operatur



Memory Game Test your memory skills. more

By maia


FreeIcosian Game

Find a route along the edges of a figure, visiting each vertex exactly once and ending up where you started. more