Crime Files 3

Observe, interrogate and prove! A murder has shook the neighbourhood to its core! Why is the Dockers gang terrorizing everyone? What’s the link with Catarina, the pretty Latina tourist who fears for her life? Discover clues, build a theory and... more

By C4M Prod


Heroes Legend

in this game you play a hero, your objective is to kill Monsters up your level, change your equipment,get more and more money,To complete various tasks,well hero are you ready? go ! more

By 无(Mystic)



In DICE, each player has 12 turns to score the most points possible. Points are scored by matching the dice you have rolled to specific combinations on the scoring sheet. Each turn, the active player has three rolls to create the highest scoring... more

By 无(Mystic)


The Pimp RPG

Have you been on any final RPG fantaties? Well, it's now time to take that experience to the streets. As a concerned citizen you need to find out why the mayor is in hiding and not doing his civic duties. Fight through street thugs, take your... more

By HobbiSoft


Wizard's Choice V4

This is the fourth installment of the Wizard's Choice series. To start at the beginning, get the FREE Wizard's Choice Volume 1 on the Marketplace. Just search on "Wizard's Choice" to see the whole collection. This game book picks up where you... more

By D_Light


VII Voices

*A free version can be found in the marketplace. This is the paid version with no ads. I would like to thank everyone for all the feedback. The land has fallen into darkness and the people are seeking for a hero to save them. A group of angels... more

By Voices Night


FreeVII Voices

-Update 1.5- Fix:Shield spell wont disappear after casting it. Fix:The fallen Angel spell should now be aviable for purchase at the shop...Thanks everyone for feedback Please visit voices night on facebook(Like us). Trying to get 25... more

By Voices Night



Fight to protect you garden, a faery and finaly the world in this old school RPG. Update 1.3 : - remove a bug that appear when pressing back with a seller - add a new "upload" menu - add the "reset to default" menu - add the "upload new" menu -... more

By Tchoupi masqué


Quest Generator

The application generates one of over 250 quests for any Dungeons and Dragons game more

By xzantim


FreeSkyrim App

This app pulls RSS feeds about news, mods, and blogs related to the Skyrim video game. more

By MarissasWorkshop