FreeSpace Blok

Space Blok is a 1-4 player game for Windows Phone where the players use marbles to break a 3D block structure. more

By Ayush Dargar



In this game the player has to travel through all the blocks without repetition and moves as a KNIGHT piece of the chess game . Once the player has made a move then the player cannot undo the move . The game shows the next possible moves of the... more

By manish kumar


FreeShake Extreme

Developed by Via MS Phils Shake Extreme --------------------- Calculate your shaking skills with Shake Extreme! Shake your Windows Phone 7 and beat the Master Shaker! Shake Extreme is a game that counts the number of shakes that a player can do... more

By Yalla Apps



The Bridgekeeper once guarded an ancient land, now sadly out of work, he travels the world making sure where there is a bridge, it shall not be crossed. Why? It's unclear. Bridgekeeper is a game where waves off enemies bombard you whilst you try... more

By Blade Games



Developed by Fevzi Y?lmaz A chess game played with three different options more

By Yalla Apps



Developed by Ruprecht G. Gutierrez & Angelo Cruz Stay on the center! SoClose is a game where the player's dexterity and agility are put to the test! The game has only one goal: do not hit the yellow bars. The player must hold and release the two... more

By Phil Apps



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By Dreaming



TAM-PAW Development Team: Game Designers Jozette Tuquib Wrydrick Gutierrez Game Artists Adel Lugtu Jasmine Paredes Sound Designers Jeric Sarmiento Angelo Cruz Game Programmer Wrydrick Guiterrez Charged!, a drag and drop game. The objective... more

By Phil Apps


FreeTame The Bull

The game is aimed to be engaging and entertaining. The objective of the game is to tame the rampaging bull by deploying obstacles. more

By Skihi


FreeGangster Wars

In the late 1930's the gang wars on the streets are at the zenith. Violence between hostile gangs are part of the daily life. Between all those gangs it's up to you to lead your own gang to the top and become king of your city. "Gangster Wars" is... more

By HaagLaborities