Own This World

Real life meets RISK

  • Often described as “Real life meets RISK” Battle for your own neighbourhood as you nuke, blitz and propaganda your way to ruling your city, continent and even the world! Own This World is a massively multiplayer location dependent game where the real world map has been split into millions of territories that you compete for with players that are also physically in the same area. Your rank in the world climbs as you claim territories. If you have the most you are crowned the ruler of the World. Owning territories allows you to accumulate resources (gold, manpower, food & supplies) which in turn allows you to attack other users in your current territory. View the state of the world at www.ownthisworld.com ——————————————- 1.5 Updates New Attack! Salt the Earth 1.4 Updates Mystery Box: The world is now populated with mystery boxes that will either offer you a gift or blow up in your face. Troop Transport: Load up some troops and move them to another location. Diamonds: New ultra rare resource that will allow you to perform an ultra rare attack. Non-English Languages: Map now loads properly in non-english languages. - Tons of fixes and overall improvements ——————————————- WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING: “This is an incredible idea and is one of the few apps I’ve downloaded that changes how I go about my day to day routine. My wife loves to use it while we’re driving. She enjoys sending us on alternate (or “scenic” routes) just to take territories from people. This application has made hitting a red light or a wall of traffic a positive thing, and there aren’t many apps out there that can pull that off. There’s something about taking a territory from a friend that is simply exhilarating. The amount of backstabbing that’s gone on in my office over the day has been hilarious and there are already talks of road trips just to build up scores.” “I had a dream about this app last night. I dreamt that I walked all the way around the grea
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Funktioniert leider nicht!
2011-01-16 20:28 Paradoxon101
Nur der Mapview geht. Und selbst hier zeigt er die Gebiete nicht richtig an. Der Rest ist fehlerhaft.
2011-01-19 09:08 Rekfa
geniale spielidee
Funktioniert zZ leider nur wenn man sein "Regionales Format" auf English USA stellt aber dann machts spaß iphone usern ihre territories zuerobern.
2011-01-29 12:17 proximabenu
Keine Lust die Sprache nur für das Spiel umzustellen. Auf Deutsch geht es leider nicht
2011-02-12 14:36 viperflo
Mit Version 1.4 wurden die meisten Fehler behoben. Jetzt geht es auch mit Deutschen Spracheinstellungen. Und due neuen Features, wie z.B. Truppentransporte sind toll. Leider bei mir in der Gegend zu wenig Gegner
2011-04-13 09:07 Rekfa
Läuft endlich auch in Deutschland! GENIALES SPIEL. Mehr Features biddö ;)
2011-04-17 16:44 Spieler76483722
Version 1.4 ist nun endlich zu gebrauchen :-)
2011-04-20 21:38 Paradoxon101
Own This World - Mit : 6 - Max : 10 - Basierend auf 7 Stimmen und 7 Bewertungen.