ONTRACK! Time Tracker

  • ONTRACK! helps you to keep track of how you spend your time. It's a beautiful application, completely designed to fit the Windows Phone 7 style. There is no need to connect to an online service or to follow a certain workflow. Just add your tasks, organize them into projects and start timing! - Tasks A task is a concrete thing you are working on. Just tap a task to start or stop its timer. You can shutdown the application, the timer will continue. We keep record of each timed session so you can later see when exactly you have worked on a certain task. Forgot to start a timer or not interested in real-time tracking? Just log your time manually afterwards. - Projects Projects group a set of related tasks. You can create projects within projects to organize your tasks as you like. - History/Overview ONTRACK! remembers all tasks you have ever worked on. Immediately get an overview of the stuff you have worked on today or during another day/week/month/year. You can also get an overview for a certain project or sub project. - Export All timing data can be exported to Excel (via CSV) and are sent to you by email. You can use this data to make your own summaries to bill clients. New in version 1.4 - Reordering of tasks/projects - Landscape orientation support for task and project detail pages - Reset-all/reset-sessions in settings page - Fixed 'multiple timers' bug - Other minor bug fixes
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Super flexible!
2010-12-17 18:16 VolkerHinz
Fast perfekt um die Arbeitszeit mit verschiedenen Projekten zu tracken. Mail Export per Woche oder Monat (History) wäre noch wünschenswert.
2011-08-08 22:05 ulku
Für mich perfekt um die Arbeitszeit mit verschiedenen Projekten zu tracken. Wer mit Excel umgehen kann, sollte mit der Auswertung der Daten keine Probleme haben.
2011-08-05 20:24 ulku
...bitte weiter entwickeln , wäre schön wenn man die einzelnen Sessions der Projekte noch benennen könnte. Auch das festlegen eines Stundensatzes pro Projekt wäre wünscheswert !!!
2011-05-20 16:15 sandersz
Super App. Die Entwickler gehen sogar auf sinnvolle Wünsche ein. Top.
2011-05-30 05:06 sca1970
E-Mail Export is not working. So the app is useless. Outlook window is popping up - and no further action happens.
2011-07-08 14:20 asWorks
Gruselige Benutzerführung...
2011-04-28 22:46 StefanBalzerMSC
Good app,but please support sorting of the task lists and when the app is re-started,navigate to the prevous screen.
2011-02-05 07:42 PureBeat79
Good app,but please support sorting of the task lists and csv or xml attachment for the exports in the next version.
2011-01-28 22:55 PureBeat79
2011-01-14 10:23 MadBrainGER
bad export functionality reduces worth
App delivers an email in delimited text format only with one row for every entry. So you can not work with this in Excel without several additional steps. They have to work heavily on the export function
2011-01-09 11:53 RoedeOrm Laser
Super flexible!
2010-12-17 18:16 Spieler50870943
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