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  • Every day we face an information overflow; data is coming at us through so many channels that it is difficult to weed out the gems that are important to us from all the noise. For those who are not social media mavens, the whole problem can be intimidating. Project Emporia offers a solution to this. It sifts through ever-evolving news streams to identify hot news stories, categorizes them into topic areas and ranks them, and then presents them to you in a friendly and easy-to-use UI. With Project Emporia you get relevant stories on topics of YOUR choice. You can influence how future stories are chosen for you, one vote at a time. Your votes will improve the relevance of your news story choices not just for you, but for every other user as well. * Project Emporia is a release from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs. * Project Emporia identifies relevant news stories and surfaces them categorized by topic. * Project Emporia gives users a way to tap the pulse of the Internet. Please follow @projectemporia on Twitter to find out the latest information. (primarily English news)
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Seems to be a good idea, but it doesn't find any channels and wont start a second time.
2011-01-08 09:17 docjONEs2803
Not working....
2011-01-10 08:27 SemperFidelis2
Works perfect on my Mozart! Idea is cool, but takes too mich time to update all channels and own RSS feeds would be very nice.
2011-01-12 08:53 Hendrik Hagel
Great app idea, but could be faster. When updating data the app is like frozen. Changing Views (List -> Detail, Detail -> List) sometimes Takes around 10 seconds. Language selection for sources would be great.
2011-01-12 19:30 Sandmann CS
Eigentlich toll, aber wie soll das Ding lernen was ich mag, wenn ich nur Microsoft News zu lesen bekomme...Eine Sprachauswahl wäre auch toll.
2011-01-15 21:56 viperflo
Nice, but slow and somehow unfinished.
2011-01-24 15:05 Glucose93
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