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It will display advice for you which helps you to improve your lifestyle on the basis of your date of birth. more

By Siraj Suleman



Remember-ALL is a simple app for travelers who do not like to maintain a diary. It is an easy to store app in which the user in given the options to store the destination name, location of stay, places he visited, people he met and important... more

By Dhruv Sharma


FreeScratch nd Win

Feeling lucky today? Maybe you should scratch a lottery ticket and find out whether you hit the jackpot. You get many chances to win and to register your name to the Global winner's circle. Simple app rules. Matching even a single number (in... more

By CandelaCreations



Forgot to wish your mother on Mother's Day?Or your father on Father's Day? Or even worse Your Girlfriend on Valentine's Day? If yes,This is a App for you!!! Keep yourself updated by knowing what is special for a particular day !! Wish your dear... more

By Rajiv Prathap



This application is all about making the user to use the phone screen as the the flash light instead of phone back light Thus save your battery and time!! . more

By swrnjn



call me if you need a ride more

By mandla eugene



What? Where? When? You do not know what to do? Where to goWith this application, you'll never wonder where to go - cinemas, theaters, night clubs, pubs and discos. Now you have everything in your hands. Do not wait, download and enjoy. more

By European Directories


FreeMy LifeStyle

Developed by Saad Ahmed Khan My LifeStyle is an application for those who want to keep them selves up to date with the latest trends. These trends may include fashion, what around, interior design and much more. more

By Yalla Apps



Developed by Nagoud Al Shugairan see 2012's hottest hairstyles, hair colors and tips from the experts. this application shows you the latest hairstyle for the girls. more

By Yalla Apps



Get to know your Day to Day Horoscope.. According to your Zodiac Sign.. Its refreshing look and Cool interface gives your day an amazing start.. Absolutely Free to download and install.. Enjoy the App. more

By Shivam Khandelwal