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If you would like to look up the purpose of a medicine, or more details about an ailment or disease, then this app gives you access to the US NIH (National Institute for Health) database, filled with useful information to put your mind at ease. more

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If you are a .NET programmer, and would like to be kept informed of latest blog posts about Network programming and .NET, then download this app to keep up to date. more

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To Let

If you are looking to move to a new flat or appartment, then this app will search through all the major UK online rental agencies to find the ideal place for you to call home. more

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If you are looking to register a trademark, the first thing you must do is verify that someone else has not registered the trademark before you. With this app, you can search for a trademark, more

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Evaluate PHP scripts directly from your Windows Phone. Great for students learning PHP, or seasoned programmers looking to try out a new function while on the go. more

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Evaluate .NET code directly from your Windows Phone. Try out scripts in either C# or VB.NET. Great for developers learning .NET, or experienced programmers to check out a new function on-the-fly. more

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Subtitle Search

Do you want to watch a film in a foreign language, but don't have the subtitles?, with this app, you can view the subtitles on your phone, as you watch the movie. - Great if you don't want to disturb other viewers of the movie. more

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If you have a website, and would like to earn extra revenue from it by referring your users to other online merchants in return for a commission on sales, then this app will help you find affiliates for virtually any product or service. Simply... more

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Camping Search

Looking to find a campsite while on vacation in the US or Canada?, with this app, just type in your current location, and it will return the closest campsites, with a map of how to get there. more

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Word Reference

When an automatic translation is just not enough, and you want to contextual translations, and idiomatic usages of a word or phraase in another language, then WordReference is for you! Provides support for the following language pairs: English -... more

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Find People UK

Find people on the UK electoral roll, by searching by city, postcode, and then by house number. Data is sourced from more

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Outsource Translation

When an automatic translation is not just good enough, you may need to hire a professional translator. With this app, you can search through the profiles of thousands of professional translators, with hundreds of possible language pairs. more

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Patent Search

Search through over 8 million patents held by the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark office), through one simple interface, more

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Petrucci Music Library

Search from over 160,000 classical music scores from the Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP). This musical corpus has been digitally processed into a database of 1.6 million sheets of music. This app provides a mobile interface to this vast library,... more

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Bed and Breakfast

Looking for a cheap and cheerful B&B anywhere in the UK or Ireland?, then this application lets you search for a town or city, and you can view descriptions and phone numbers of local Bed and Breakfasts more

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Bank Finder

Search for banks anywhere in europe, by typing in your current location, and you can view a list of nearby banks, along with names, addresses, and phone numbers. more

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The Busan Subway (officially known as Busan Metro), operated by the Busan Transportation Corporation is the subway system of Busan, South Korea. The subway network first opened in 1985 with seventeen stations. Now, it consists of 4 lines, 102... more

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The Saint Petersburg Metro (Russian: ?????????????? ????????????) is the underground railway system in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It has been open since November 15, 1955. Formerly known as the V.I. Lenin Order of Lenin... more

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The Tehran Metro is a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital of Iran. The system consists of 4 operational lines, with construction having begun on a further two lines in 2007. more

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The Shenzhen Metro is the subway or underground system for the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, China. The system opened on 28 December 2004, making Shenzhen the seventh city in mainland China to have a subway after Beijing, Tianjin,... more

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Looking to find a planet, star, star constellation, galaxy or satellite with your telescope. This app will help you find them in the sky, and will tell you interesting information and data about virtually any celestial body. more

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View any molecule, element and many organic protiens by simply typing in the chemical name or formula. View interesting data about the chemical, and view its structure in 3D more

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Want to see the solution of an equation, plot its values over a range, or perform calculus directly on your phone. This app is a must for all mathematics students from secondary school to university. more

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Going surfing, sailing or fishing? this app will let you know when there'll be high and low tides, with plenty of information about how high the tide will be. Just type "tide" followed by a location - anywhere in the world, as long as it's on the... more

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Want to see your pets, kids, or family while away from home, directly on your mobile?, with this app you can view your webcam via your windows phone. This app requires webcam software to be installed on your pc. It can be downloaded at... more

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KostenlosFree SMS

Send free text messages to the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and most of europe for free with this handy app. more

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Osaka Metro

A map of the Osaka Metro (???????) subway system. Please note that station names are written in Japanese without an english transliteration. more

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Mobile SQL

This App allows you run queries and updates against a Microsoft SQL server or Oracle MySQL database directly from your Windows Phone. This is ideal to making on-the-fly ad-hoc queries or emergency maintenance tasks. Note that if your database... more

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Prague Metro

A map of the Prague Metro subway system. (Metro v Praze) more

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Valencia Metro

A map of the metro system in Valencia, Spain (metrovalencia) more

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Shanghai Metro

A map of the Shanghai Metro (????) subway system more

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Tokyo Metro

A map of the Tokyo Subway (??????) and metro system more

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Vienna Metro

A map of the Vienna Metro (Wien U-Bahn) subway system more

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Washington Metro

This is a map of the Washington DC Metro (WMATA Subway) more

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Seattle Metro

A map of the Seattle subway (Sound Transit light rail metro) more

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Seoul Metro

A map of the Seoul Metro (?????) subway system more

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Stockholm metro

A map of the Stockholm metro (Stockholms tunnelbana) subway system. more

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Paris Metro

A Map of the Paris Metro (RATP) more

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Santiago Metro

A map of the Metro System in Santiago, Chile (Metro de Santiago) more

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Mexico Metro

A map of the Mexico City Metro (Metro de la Ciudad de México) subway system. more

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Milan metro

A map of the Milan Metro System (Metro di Milano) more

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Moscow Metro

A map of the Moscow Metro (?????????? ????????????) more

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Munich Metro

A map of the Munich metro system (U-Bahn München) more

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Melbourne Metro

A map of the Melbourne Metro (subway) system more

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Delhi Metro

A map of the Delhi metro (underground) more

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Dubai metro

A map of the Metro system in Dubai ???? ??? more

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Los Angeles

A map of the Los Angeles (LA) Metro more

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Chicago Metro

A map of the Chicago Metro (Metra) subway system more

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Athens Metro

A map of the Athens metro (?????? ?????) subway system more

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Barcelona Metro

A map of the Metro system in Barcelona (Metro de Barcelona) more

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Beijing Metro

A map of the Beijing / Peking Metro system (????) more

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Berlin Metro

A map of the Berlin Metro (U-bahn) more

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London Underground

This is a simple map of the london underground (tube) on your phone. The map is stored locally, so that you do not need an internet connection once downloaded. more

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